So ever since Andy found a commercially available tin that perfectly fits a Binary Homeworlds set of 36 pyramids, I'm starting to think of that as the canonical "travel set". Assuming you can cram one or two dice in there, maybe fold up the cloth volcano board from new Treehouse... can you have a Starship Captain's list made entirely of games playable from a Starship Captain's tin? Here's my picks:

1. Binary Homeworlds, of course.

2. Icetowers (is the 9 or 15 piece stash canonical for this?)

3. Treehouse.

4. Hijinks. I like to play it as a traffic light variant!

5. Ricochet Pyramids. Requires access to a convenient chessboard.

6. Martian Chess, likewise.

7. Zark City. Requires playing cards.

8. Pharaoh.

9. Cardinal Connections.

10. Tic-Tac-Doh. (Yes, I'm reaching for the single-stash games now.)

Can anyone help me improve the variety of this list a bit? I often feel like I'm forced to include Pharaoh as "filler" on lists like this -- any time I would play it, Hijinks or Treehouse does its job better. I'm very thankful that Ricochet Pyramids is a thing that exists, though, as it helps me fill that "puzzle game" slot that Zendo isn't here for with so few pieces.

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Most 3 House games will work, assuming you can improvise on the 5th color.  And any 2-stash or "2-House" game might work nicely.  Of course, most games in the world require more than just pyramids.  Boards, cards, dice, that sort of thing.

  • IceDice - The ideal 2-house game.  Requires dice

  • Martian Chess - A classic 3-house game, requires a 4x8 grid

  • Pikemen - Assemble the appropriate number of colors fFor the number of players.
  • Freeze Tag - requires a 5x5 board
  • Logger - Color doesn't really matter, but you do need to plan on some caps and assorted blunt objects.
  • Zendo - requires a bunch of beads.  You might run out of pieces with just one tin, however.  Maybe use one less color in this case?
  • Emperor's Garden - requires a Hanafuda deck

  • Martian Coasters - requires Martian Coasters and dice.
  • Zamboni Wars - Also requires Martian Coasters and a d6; however the coasters are static, and you might be able to draw a pattern on a sheet of paper or something.
  • Infiltrate - requires a 6x6 checkerboard.
  • Alien City - I think a single tin can hold all pyramids you need.  I usually play with a bunch of colors and some variant rules, so I might be mistaken.  Anyway, you'd still need a piecepack.

So there's 11.  =)

If you allow a couple tins, you can broaden it up to a lot more stuff.  I have Three tins in a set, with inventory as fFollows:

  1. 6 Red nests & 6 Blue nests
  2. 6 Green nests & 6 Yellow nests
  3. Assorted dice, a 3x3 board, a 5x5 board, and 6 Black nests.

An 8x8 grid doesn't really fit in there, sadly.  =)  Then, like, just about everything that doesn't require cards or exotic equipment would be playable.

In addition to my Starship Captain tin, I also generally always have my trusty Pocket Othello board, which I've crammed a handful of dice and a deck of cards into. So I can count on an 8x8 board and an ample supply of black and white tokens. The issue with 3house and 2house games is that many of them assume 5 enneads (nonets?), but this set has 4.

I suppose I could make mini-zendo work, maybe. And I can make a paper board for WW5.

Logger and Infiltrate look like I could make them work with some modification, but they're rather complex already. Freeze Tag (fFreeze Tag? :P) may be just what I'm looking for, though! Thanks for the tips.

Perhaps we should wonder what games could be played with the tin itself as a piece!

Perhaps the tin would be a good size for a Lunar Invaders board (one on the base and one on the inside of the lid). An unused color could represent the Malfunction Tokens.

I’d also love to figure out a way to use the tin itself for a game. Possibly for a large obstacle (or target?) in Torpedo or Armada? Maybe in a new dexterity game similar to how a CD is used in CrackeD Ice?

I’ve found that the lid of the tin (especially with the Starship Captain sticker on it) can work reasonably well as a turn-indicator, though it is a rather large item to pass back and forth.

Here are a few more that haven't been mentioned:

Egyptian Solitaire - requires exactly 12 trios

Rotationary - another solitaire game that requires 5 trios of any color

Armada - ship battle, no other equipment needed

Torpedo - another ship battle, 2 players with 5 trios of a pair of colors, or up to 4 players if you use 3 trios per player

Petal Battle - a slightly smaller Petal board printed on cardstock fits nicely in the tin

Epicycle - can also be played on the Petal board, or on a bare tabletop.

Give or Take - 1 trio per player (minimum 3 trios), need to include the Pyramid Die

I’m sure there are more…!



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