Hi!  I'm starting to think about Origins, and Con Season in general, and the best way to make Giant Pyramids and Parts.  I have Giant Pyramids, and have some pictures posted of them.  But I was thinking, what's a good way to make Giant Dice?  I built some last year with a 12inch fFoam Cube and some pieces of rubberized fFoam on all sides.  It worked alright, but I'm wondering if there's a better way to make dice.  I will need to make some new ones this year.  Any suggestions, anyone?

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I made mine out of cardboard. I just upscaled a paper die. then on the inside I added some re-enforcement on the corners. (being careful to keep the die ballanced as much as possible) This has worked well for me and I have had the same die now since the release of Treehouse.  I also have used solid wood. you can pick up an UNTREATED  6X6 at your local lumber yard. cut it to "square" and you have a large (but not too large) die. They are just heavy. ( I look for off-cuts as those are usually very cheap)

I can't find any pictures from last year, but I like the dice in this picture from the year before:



Large enough to be large, but small enough to be reasonably portable.

The ones pictured here are ours...  the green one was purchased, and we "made" the blue one by purchasing a blank foam die and drawing the words on them.  I don't find the blanks in my quick google search, but this looks like the green D6 we bought: http://www.trollandtoad.com/p152685.html
You can build a paper cube called " Sonobe" in Origami. The cube is builded from 6 parts of the size you want...and of course you can assembly the parts "on the spot".
I forgot to send you an image of the Sonobe.

Just a little fFollowup on this.  I have built a set of 4 dice, one each of:

  • Icedice (color) - kinda sparkly. =)
  • Icedice (size) - I had to get crafty here; it's really bright!
  • Treehouse Die - mostly rebuilt what I made last year with upgrades
  • standard d6 - a vast improvement over my previous efforts.

I considered making 3d6, to play WW3, but it just didn't happen.  Sorry.

They are styrofoam cubes, sheets of craft-foam, duct tape, and a bunch of pins to hold stuff on each side of the dice.  This happens to be similar to what I made last year, but I did make them somewhat improved and better looking.  I will post pictures a little later.

I look forward to seeing them!

I just made a small album of some pictures of my dice, here:


The sun is shining and the grass is green, a nice day fFor some pictures!

If anyone would like some different views or something, let me know.





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