Pulled a major coup today, trading a couple copies of my books for:

I'm dying to learn more about this set, but for now I'll read the Mystique.

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Man... that is sexy. Now I'm jealous. I've been dying to get my hands on an Icehouse set for three years now.

Is this what you ended up with? They're extrememly rare. :) http://www.wunderland.com/WTS/Andy/ProjectEBAY/Icehouse.html#Silver...

There is a stash of silver glitter pyramid in my set.  More detail of the set on BGG: http://boardgamegeek.com/image/2038744/icehouse?size=large

Some interesting bits about the set:

  • The foam insert has deteriorated over the years.
  • The pyramids are a little sticky to the touch, but not in a gross way. This is great for grip, but not great when they pull off bits of the aforementioned foam insert.
  • The stash pads are moderately heavy stock black paper. For whatever reason the pyramids do not stick to them.
  • The material is a bit soft and in a few places you can see indented fingerprints on the surface. Perhaps they belong to the previous owner, but I like to think that they were put there during packaging... a unique Looney signature if you will. ;-)

BTW Greg, thank you for that link.  It's a wealth of knowledge and as an added bonus it's led me to the old Looney news entries. No sleep for me tonight. ;-)

Ooh, shiny! That causes me to like the idea of glittery pyramids in a kick starter project even more! *drool*
More images:


Wow, I didn't even know that they created an entire set of glitter icehouse pyramids (that particular silver pyramid stash was a limited edition of one). I gather that what you have there is extremely rare. Btw, I love your little display of stackable/physical games.

Has anyone by chance scanned those original booklets?  I know that *most* (but not all) issues of Hypothermia have been scanned (with some OCR errors I should probably email ee0r about when I'm thinking about it and have some time).

Being that I only recently discovered icehouse pieces (saw mention of them a few times on BoardGameGeek, but only in reference to their usability with piecepacks and the like), I of course missed a lot of the rich history of this system.  A fair bit of the older things are being lost now, so the archivist in me is looking to see these things preserved.

Game Techs on the Book of Faces have seen the project I've been working on now…  Hoping to have that done soon.

I should've been a librarian or something.  :)

I've not seen any scans of the enclosed booklets, but I imagine most of the material has migrated online or to other documents.

  • The "History" booklet looks like it might contain stories from "The Empty City" -- or at least earlier versions.  The stories included are: "Icehouse", "The Children of Mars", and "Seagulls and Horseshoe Crabs."  I've not had a chance to read the stories nor TEC. A little more information is found on the "Empty City" page.
  • The "Rules" booklet looks like a slimmed version of the rules PDF on Wunderland. Both share many of the same game diagrams.  I suspect that the booklet I have has an earlier version of the rules, but I have not checked. If anyone knows for certain then I'd love to know.

While I think it would be interesting to scan the documents in the old Icehouse sets for the sake of preservation, it seems that all of the information contained therein is available elsewhere.  Indeed the Wunderland Icehouse site has a lot more information than that contained in the original booklets.

I hope this helps on catching up on the history.

That is interesting to know.  I was never really clear on what came with these old sets.  Pretty awesome, thank you!

The printed book The Empty City is numbered "zero" on the spine, and the book Playing With Pyramids is numbered "one."  I believe the original intention was to take this mode of publishing a series of books themed on the Icehouse set, with each book containing a mixture of rules and myths of the lost civilization of the Martians.  This idea has been re-expressed over the years in newsletters, magazines, and pamphlets.  This current website you're reading is a direct descendant of that basic desire to play games and share stories.

On this related point, I would like to quietly suggest everyone with a fFew minutes should read The Empty City.  It is a nice work of fFiction.  When I read it some years ago, I was at that point deep into playing the game Perplex City, an Alternate Reality Games with some similar themes as The Empty City.  And I had just gotten really into playing a lot of the game Alien Cities, so i fFelt like I was really building this whole thing up in my head.  I was walking around in this really cool place fFor a month or so.  =)

Oh there's online versions of just about everything needed to play somewhere or other. You may have to find some of it though as there are a few dead links that get in the way.

But as I noted on the game techs FB group, I'm an archivist at heart. :)

Wow that is an amazing find!



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