Every time we play lately, whoever has the good fortune of drawing Judgment ends up winning, by using Judgment often to get Judgment and 2 other powerful cards from the discard. Basically, every other card gives you its effect once, but Judgment is the gift that keeps on giving...

The rules explicitly say you can use Judgment to take Judgment itself back from the discard like this, but we are really starting to think it might be better if you couldn't take Judgment back in this way.

So 2 questions:

1. Do others find the luck of who draws Judgment to be too game-deciding?

2. Has anyone experimented with weakening Judgment so that it can't be used to take Judgment itself back out of the discard when you play it?

(Note: I'm talking 2-player Gnostica. I could imagine that in multi-player, there would be the usual leader-bashing to solve the problem of Judgment being so powerful...)


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