Got 2 deomos of Pirate Fluxx and 1 of Fluxx 4.0 done today!!! Yay!



As the subject says, got some demos off today for some great customers!!!


Play to run more during our upcoming twice weekly Board Game nights!!!!



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Yay!  Are your customers excited about the Skullduggery promo cards?  Glad to hear you are having fun with it!
Hi!  I put the question out, on a different thread.  Basically, it's this:  How do you get random strangers to play a game with you?  What's the best way to get some people interested?

@Kristin: They loved the new Surprise cards and were happy to get a Skullduggery promo to add to Pirate Fluxx when it comes in.


@Scott: Quite simply, if they are in the store then there is a very good chance they'll play a demo but basically, I ask them what kind of games they are lookin for and then, if appropriate, I recommebd Fluxx.  I'll talk about the game while showing them cards from a demo deck and then ask if they have time for a demo.  If they can't make a demo then I always ask them to come back when they can and ask me or an employee to run one for them.


-eric @ sci-fi city



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