I've been trying to learn Homeworlds by playing at home and on Super Duper Games with limited success.  What will help me tremendously is to look at examples of great games.  My question therefore is can anyone recommend past game listings that I could look over and play-through on my own?  Thanks in advance.

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I have no concrete suggestions of specific games, but if you look at the highest ranked players and then view their lists of games to find ones they played with other highest ranked players, that might work... If you find anything particularly cool, please post it. :)

I will do that.  I was aware of the archived games at http://superdupergames.org/main.html?page=listoldgames, but was hoping for a few pointers to n00b-friendly games.  That said, I will work my way through and highlight some interesting games as suggested. :-)

Andy thoroughly documented a play-by-email session from 2003:




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