Have you played against random-move opponents before?

So one day I was bored, and decided to get out Fluxx 5.0. I set out five ghost opponents and a randomizer. And I managed to... lose. Because one enemy played a Goal that made another win.

Seriously, everything was random. Steal a keeper? Pick a random number from 1 to #keepers.
Problems arise with GetOnWithIt, Mystery Play, Recycling, and Goal Mill though and I want advice.
Since then, I have managed to defeat increasing numbers of opponents. I want to play against nine, but I never find the time.

Has anyone else done something like this? If so, did you manage to win? Did you run into problems with certain rules?

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I've not tried it with Fluxx, but a few weeks ago I tried a similar experiment vs 2 random players in donaldx's Greed. (I won easily.)

FWIW I've also played solitaire against the Robots in Power Grid a few times. :)

Wow. I just managed to do a 10P game. Nine opponents, quite suspenseful.

Rotate Hands was used THREE times, all of which messed up my plans. And when I finally got to my last turn, all I had was the goal 5 Keepers, and I had one keeper.

But I drew my 6 cards. (There were tons of rules: draw 6, play 5, inflation, SPFD, goal mill, etc.) And I managed to beat the odds with a lucky Goal Mill, and soon enough, I had 11 Cards In Hand (both meanings). So I won.

I really feared a mess-up, but constant hand limits prevented others from getting too many keepers. One player had four at some point, but then someone Shared the Wealth.

Overall, it was quite fun, and I encourage someone to one-up me. It is especially suspenseful right before my last turn, when I thought someone with the wrong attitude could easily abuse the mountain of New Rules, but no one played a goal to cause others to win.



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