First time posting! Hello from Cape Town, South Africa :)

I would love to have some help re: Zark City. I posted this question on BGG but no responses.

- if during convert/demolish action a target pyramid is removed from the board, is that piece then completely out of play i.e. cannot be used again by the player who placed it?

If this is the case then I assume that a player who no longer has any small pyramids and has pyramids on only two cards is out of the game...?

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No, pieces are never fully removed from the game. They go back into the personal stash of player whose color it is. For example, if I destroyed one of your pieces, I'd just give it back to you. There's no way to be placed out of the game in Zark City. It's actually the whole point of the Hatch rule. No one gets taken out, at least, until there's a winner!

Great! That makes a lot of sense - the alternative means that players are knocked out early in the game and that you can win by merely eliminating your opponent. 

Thanks for the quick response, this has been bugging me :)

FWIW I saw a response to what I assume was your post at BGG; perhaps your BGG subscription settings are not set to notify you about responses to your posts?




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