If you have not already seen this in your email box, or via social media, or at the top of Andy's blog and the Looney Labs website...

... please know that we will be mailing out a Holiday Gift this year, to anyone who opts in!

Read Andy's blog. Look in your email for a message you can respond to, or fill out this form.

We need to hear from you by Fri 11/22/13 to get in on the mailing

Happy Holidays - Thanks for playing our games!

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I did see the WWN article (and Andy's Facebook post pointing to said WWN article), but an email never landed in my inbox.  I've submitted a request through the webform.

Maybe it's time to switch email services.... Excite has been letting too many messages SMEF these days.

I didn't get an email either, but I've also submitted a request (or maybe 2) through the webform.  Awesome for any game manufacturer to do a holiday gift.

It landed in my mailbox today.  I won't ruin the surprise for anyone who's still awaiting theirs, but it is indeed very nifty and it brought a smile to the entire Hackelhaven Trio. 

I can't think of a game publisher that is as frequently generous to their fans as Looney Labs has consistently been.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Fluxx start out as a holiday gift?

Assuming standard mail times, and if I am getting the holiday thing as requested, it will most likely take a week or 2 before anyone in the UK, including myself actually gets theirs.

It's really nice for any game publisher to do such a thing, so I am grateful myself to have such an opportunity to get something from the Looneys.



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