I have heard of a Chess variant called Kriegspiel where you can see only your own pieces, and a referee tells players when they make an illegal move, capture a piece, and so on. I wanted to do the same thing for Homeworlds, but I seem to be running into problems. Please let me know if you have any ideas. (Sorry for the long post.)

I have attached two text files (so as not to stretch this post) which say what problems I am having with this idea, and what my current rules are. This seems like a cool idea, but I would like some input from others.

Now, this being said, some people might balk at this by saying Homeworlds "was not meant" to be a hidden information game. Well, I like to tinker with things, and this might be interesting if polished. And you do not have to like it. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

(EDIT: How did the text files get to 3KB? They are not THAT long... or maybe they are?)

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Having the stars hidden and doing random choice among more than one candidate star indeed seems to introduce confusing problems. (And the randomness might arguably be "not in the spirit" of Homeworlds.)

What if the stars were publicly visible, but you know what is at a star only if you have a ship at that star. (To me it seems "thematically consistent" that you see what other ships are at a star where you have ships.)

And if you try to discover a star and none are left in the stock, then your move is simply declared illegal (and you pass) - FWIW something very similar to this mechanism is used in Robert Abbott's interesting game Confusion (in which you don't know the movement abilities of your pieces).

Of course this idea of how to handle the fog of war is very different from your idea, but hopefully it at least gives interesting food for thought. :)

> (EDIT: How did the text files get to 3KB? They are not THAT long... or maybe they are?)

Clearly the size is rounded to the nearest kilobyte instead of being the exact number of bytes.



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