On BGG someone just posted that they got a promo for Cthulhu Fluxx at PAX, titled "Horror in Clay".  

Will these promos be available for special order?  When?

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I think it's intended to be a convention exclusive, so possibly never...

(I call discrimination against non-US Techs who can't afford the plane fare! :) )


fFoam Brain was giving out a very exclusive card at Origins, this year, as well.

I mean, it's really cool, when you go to a convention, and get a super rare thing.  The environment is just so awesome, all this stuff happening, and then you get super duper loot!!

But, yeah, it's sort of a bummer to those who cannot get these things.  Usually there is a copy available on a website, or the like, which you can print out on sticker paper and slap on your own card.

Maybe we should suggest these rare cards as lab tech promos.  (Actually, I think I just did)  =)

We saved back a few hundred cards to sell online to you guys - they will go on sale in a few weeks!


I didn't really think it would be PAC-only, since IIRC in the past the only promo cards that were not sold online were the Andy Looney Keeper cards that you can only get by asking him for an autograph.

Yay! I can't wait to see(and purchase) the new promo.

Got mine! Very very pleased to get my hands on it. Ready to see how it affects the gameplay.

Are they really sold out already?  :(

Oh no!  If I'd known they were going to sell out that fast I'd have ordered immediately.  

Were most of them purchased by a few people ordering 10 each?  If so, in the future I hope they set the order limit at 5 or 3 or even 1, for small-stock items like this, to let more fans enjoy them.  

Will they be reprinted?


Are there any of you who ordered extra copies who'd be willing to sell one of them? 


I missed the announcement that they were available to buy! So I'm in the market for one as well!

I seem to have missed the opportunity to grab one of these cards as well.  I would've loved to have been at PAX to get one but alas, couldn't afford the plane fare.

I am afraid that I fail on two counts here. First, I'm one of those sneaky people who ordered the maximum of 10. Second, I am impervious to all pleas as far as sending out 'spare' copies goes. I use quotation marks because none are spare. 1 went into my demo deck, leaving 9. I have no idea how many made it to the UK, so they will be prizes for Fluxxers who couldn't manage the transatlantic journey.

Sorry. Virtual cake available.




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