im a little confused on how the demo team work and the events can someone help 

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at it's heart, it works like this:

You sign up here (which you did) you play Looney Labs games (which presumably you do), and then you tell us here how that went.  Post event reports in the fForums linked above.  Sometimes you might just mention in passing that you played a game today.  Maybe sometimes you just answer the casual question fFrom another member.  It's pretty low key.

In return, the Looneys tell us about what new stuff they are working, they give us special access to preview artwork, or maybe discounts on games, and sometimes there is super special swag to be acquired.

So basically, tell us all how awesome you are, tell us what games you are playing, contribute to the community in some way (that's the key, really), and in return get some neato things.

Kristin Looney and Drew Lupp work hard to keep things tidy, so they might have some other important things you should do.  But I think that's main points, anyway.




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