When you roll an atom, can you choose something that's in someone else's vault?

 Like, if I roll atom and Large and there is a large red in the bank but I want a large yellow and the only large yellow is in a vault-can I steal it? Or do I have to take whatever large is left in the bank?

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You may choose any of your available options without regard to what will happen when you choose it.  Note that if you roll an atom, you are not allowed to select a color already on your Counter.  So it would be valid to select yellow in the scenario you present, as long as you don't already have a yellow.


 We're still having debate about this. Say I roll Red and choice of small/large. And say there is a small and a large red in the vault and my opponent has a small red. I say I can steal his small red.

"If your roll gives you options, it’s OK to make a choice that will require stealing even if the Bank contains the other pyramids you could choose."

Am i wrong?


If there is a small and large red in the Bank, and you roll Red and choice of small/large - then you must take one from the bank, even if your opponent also has a small red.  Because whichever piece you decide to take (small or large red) either one of them is available in the bank. 

If there is a large red in the bank, but no small red in the bank, and you roll Red and choice of small/large - then you can decide you want the small red and take it from your opponent, even though you could have said it was a large and taken it from the bank. 

What if what I roll is neither in the bank nor my opponent's vault because I have both of them?


Nothing happens and you can roll again.

That's what I figured.




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