Hello, good people of Earth and Mars!!

I would like to bring before you the subject of the Icehouse Community Excellence Awards!  2010 has come and gone, which means a whole crop of excellent games are available to be played!!  While everyone's creativity is to be commended and noted with due austerity, we -- and I am using the royal "we," here -- would like to recognize those creators who have really gone above and beyond, and managed to invent something really interesting!

We would like to collect and coordinate this year's proceedings here:

There is a much smaller number of games this year -- which makes me wonder if we are missing some games.  If you know of any Icehouse games which are not represented, please pass the word and see that it gets added!!  I believe there was no IGDC this year, if memory serves, which means less encouragement to create, so that may just be the way it is.

At the moment, think not of winners and losers.  I would like to encourage some thoughts to be generated on how to go about it.  Last year seemed to work well:  Everyone simply state if you want to play a game, divvy up the list, and weed out the chaffe.  If you think a game has any merit at all, then it gets pushed on to the next round.  Then more people play more games.  We'll narrow that down to about 3 games, and put it to a general vote at Origins, in the summer.

Here is the page of last year's data:

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Anybody have a picture of Pyrinoes I can use for my BGG News story?  I found last year's story, which I used as a boilerplate, but I need a photograph of the game before I can submit it.  I'm planning to use the award picture from last year unless someone has a better idea.
I could probably upload a couple of images in a couple of days.  We drove in to Utah last night, and are settling down with grandparents.
I took a picture this weekend, and submitted the story this afternoon.  It still needs to be approved by Eric before it shows up on BGG News.
OK, that's great.  I'm on vacation with my kids, and my access to the internet has been quite limited, as you can see from the time it took me to get back on.  Thanks.

This was delayed because Eric decided to roll the ICE Awards article into another article I was writing about Looney Labs.  The other article was delayed because I needed to finish writing it.  It's now done and scheduled to go live tomorrow.



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