Is there anyway to reset my password on the Icehouse Games Wiki. I joined a while back and let my browser remember my password, and then that computer died. I could just make a new log in, but that's less than elegant.

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This is why I don't let my computer remember passwords.
The alternative is that I rely on my own memory, which eventually yields the same result.

Or you use a simple system to generate a unique password algorithmically for each site based on some non-obvious transformation of the domain name (and optionally on your user name there)! E.g. a very simple such scheme might give: : password = ojSomeSalt4oh : password = hpSomeSalt6hp : password = cpSomeSalt13bs



Or you use a more complex javascript system to generate a unique and cryptographically secure password for each site based on some cryptographically secure transformation like MD5 (or iterated MD5) of the domain name and a single good password you remember for all sites, as done (e.g.) by , where the script runs securely only on your local browser but is also easily re-installable (or runnable without installing) if your browser somehow loses it or your computer crashes or you're using a different computer.



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