For a long time, I haven't been able to upgrade the wiki software, due to some corruption in the database. This has meant that as my web host upgraded PHP, the very outdated version of MediaWiki eventually stopped working for editing.

I have finally bitten the bullet and done a dump of the latest version of all pages, and restored it into a new wiki instance with up-to-date software. You can see this new version at This has meant losing all history on pages, and all user accounts, but the wiki is once again usable.

Once we have verified that everything seems to be working well on this new instance, I will move it in place over the old one, with the old one being archived at a different URL so anyone who is interested in looking at the history of pages can find it. So, I invite anyone who's interested to check out the new install, make sure everything is working and nothing is missing before I move it over.

When exporting and importing, the types of Semantic MediaWiki properties didn't port over, which means all properties default to being considered links; this means things like "number of players" show up as links to pages that don't exist, rather than as numbers. I've updated a few of them, but could use some help re-populating the rest. See the properties list on the old wiki and new wiki to find the types that need to be moved over.

I think there's also some more work that needs to be done in general with figuring out how to effectively use Semantic MediaWiki and integrate it with the infobox; this version of Semantic MediaWiki doesn't seem to support wiki markup in Text properties, so some of the designer and description properties don't work properly, and it would probably be better to figure out how to include multiple designers as multiple Designer properties rather than one big property with all of their names.

Before I switch over the old URLs to point to the new wiki, I'd like some feedback on the theme, and whether we want to do any of the color tweaks to make it match the old wiki. We'll also want to compose a message on the front page announcing the migration, that history has been lost and people need to create new accounts (and probably include a link to the old wiki at a new URL, read-only, so people who want to find history can do so).

Anyone else have any feedback on the new wiki install, or anything else that needs to happen before I switch over?

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Thanks for all the hard work on this Brian.

After a few days of testing it out and getting set up for registration to prevent the previous spam problems we've had, I've decided to make this live at the old URL:

The old instance of the wiki is archived here, for anyone who wants to see the full history of pages:

If anyone's interested in helping out, we have a to-do list with a lot of good starting points:

It's looking good... Thanks for the work you put into getting it back online.  Everything seems to be working well. Content is beginning to be updated again (and there's probably a lot of new games to migrate as well).



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