So, our local college is running a gaming convention in a few weeks, and I jumped at the chance to run Looney Labs games again.

However, in addition to my normal demoing, they asked if I would facilitate a tournament, as the game club was able to get a copy of Fluxx: The Board Game.

Since I only have one copy of F:BG, but have a copy of every kind of Fluxx, I have decided to run a Fluxx tournament, with the grand prize being F:BG because then I can support way more participants.

Here are my thoughts on running a tournament, and I just wanted to throw out it out for any suggestions about it.

The Fluxx Games I will NOT use in the tournament are Stoner (for obvious reasons) and Family (since this convention is mainly college age students and VERY VERY few families.


First Round - up to 30 players (limit of the area)

Six Tables of 5 players each - each table running a different version (Monster, Monty Python, Martian, Cthulhu, Oz, and Eco)

The first two people from each table to get two wins moves on. After those are done, 3 names from the non-winners are drawn to go on as well (keeping in spirit of the randomosity and luck of Fluxx)


Second Round - 15 players

Three Tables of 5 each - each table running different version (Star, Zombie, Pirate)

The first person from each table to achieve two wins moves on to the final round. After those are done, 2 names from non-winners are drawn to move on to the final.


Final Round - 5 players

One table, Original Fluxx (with all my random promos and such in)

First person to two wins is the grand prize winner and will receive a copy of Fluxx: The Board Game

Every participant will receive a "press your luck" promo card.

Every person who advances to round two will also receive a "robo-doc" promo card

Every person who is in the final game will also receive a "hastur" promo card


Prior to the event, I will run one hour of "free play" so that anyone who has not played before has a chance to learn. Also in that first round I have tried to keep a mix of easier and more complex versions so that even really new players have a spot they can fit in with.

I didn't want to do single elimination because the very nature of Fluxx is sometimes quick enough that I didn't want the tournament to be over super quick, but don't want to go to three wins because then I worry about it taking too long since there are other large events going on right after my official slot ends (I have a 3 hour slot for the tournament, but can run over by an extra 2 hours if needed)

Whatcha think? Any major things I am overlooking or missed?

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I'd move original Fluxx into the 2nd round, have a 4th table, and make the 4 winners play for their Fluxx the Board Game.

I like this would be a great way to incorporate F:BG into the contest, thanks!

One of the things that we do when my friend Matt and I do when running events at AnCon in Hudson is to run qualifiers. So throughout the con we have qualifiers for each of these rounds, playing different types of Fluxx. This spreads out the time, and gives people lots of opportunities to join in. Then depending on how many times you want to run qualifiers, run those second and third rounds as planned.

Another method, used by the Looneys at Origins at least when I was there in 2011, is a round robin type method. There are 3 or 4 round robin rounds, where the winner gets a stone of some kind. Any kind of marker will do. The earning of a stone will earn you entry into the next round. Those who can pay one stone will get into the next round. Then depending on how many people you have, do the same thing. Play a specific amount of rounds, and the toll to the next round is a stone. Use this method to whittle it down to a final round of however many people for Fluxx TBG. Seems to work wonders.

If you need any ideas, either of these are good. 

I like the red robin idea....unfortuntely I can't have any more time since they were gracious enough to give me the prime spot in the hall so I only have the 4 hour timeslot. I'm lucky that a good friend of mine has the next slot and said he could fudge some of his time out of his event since he has the late night slot, but trying to stretch throughout the day is not an option (though one can wish!).

I'll have to look around....might have time to actually paint the stones into an interesting souviner too :) Like little peace signs and such!

Well the round robin idea works well with the limited time frame. So every round should take about half an hour, and if you assign people tables randomly before hand, i.e., person is given the letter A, and is therefore at table 1 followed by table 6 followed by table 5. That keeps things moving, and you can do that for each round, hopefully it can roll like clockwork. Figure out how many rounds you want, and then go from there. 



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