In Early 2016, No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me From Owning Firefly Fluxx!!

Firefly Fluxx!  It's happening! :o

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♫ ♪ Take my goals, take keepers
Load me down with some creepers
I don't care if it's "Play 3"
You can't take my Fluxx from me.

Give me some new kinda deck
Different, what the heck?
Play the rule "Hand Limit 3"
You can't take my Fluxx from me.

There's no deck I wanna buy
Since I've found Fluxx Firefly

And you can't take my Fluxx from me. ♫ ♪

Now it's my turn, I roll the dice,

drawing 2 is twice as nice!

When I play a second card for free,

they want to take my Fluxx from me.

So, I steal some cards, trade my hand,

the winning goal, my firm demand!

I change the rules without apology,

while they try take my Fluxx from me.

Which way will the victory go?

It all comes down to Roshambo!

My fist of stone defends decisively,

they'll NEVER take my Fluxx from me!

Well done.

First thought: "What? Are they trying to put out more cards than Steve Jackson?"
Second thought: "Must get!"



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