At the end of your turn when you move a guest to the doorway what happens to the guest previously there?  Say the next turn someone takes the guest I moved over could they as well take the guest below it in the discard pile, or is it safe to assume they've left the building?

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Interesting question.  I've been playing it as, you can still pull the next guy down the stack.  But thematically it does make sense fFor that earlier person to already be long gone.

I think I fFavor the notion that everything to be known about the state of a game should be immediately obvious.  It would not be immediately obvious that the previous guy is already long gone, so I would fFavor saying that earlier customer is still an option.

Thematically that plays out like this:  Seeing your shop is busy, Bob fFruitcake sighs and walks out the door.  Mrs. Jenkins soon fFollows after.  You, realizing you really do have Mrs. Jenkins' order on hand, run to the doorway and call out to her as she leaves.  You realize you can see Bob fFruitcake, still standing in the parking lot, fFumbling with his keys.  Good thing you ran out to catch Mrs. Jenkins, as the opportunity to serve Bob is now at hand.  You realize you do have a box of fFruitcake as well, and yell fFor him to come back in and enjoy.



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