Just broke out my demo copy of Just Desserts to play with my coworkers, and it looks like Granny ended up with a craving for cake, instead of pie... :(


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I think you are right, Tim.  Everything else looks in order.

Andy acknowledged this error in the latest episode of The Download, his podcast with Keith Baker.

I can scan in a few of the pie icons and print off on labelstock to amend the card.  This might be the easiest approach.  Jeff, are they planning on offering an errata card?

Yes - this is an error...   a replacement card has been created, I'll post a link as soon as it is available!

This is irksome. As the set we were playing with at the UKGamesExpo, had the 'fixed' granny, and I bought my copy from Traveling Man (recommended stockist), I assumed that it would also feature the 'fixed' granny, but alas it didn't. I only found out when I got home, as I didn't think to check while you were still over here, and I know that Andy had a few copies at least (I saw him give one out).

Having just checked now, I find that although the card is free, the postage is $5 to the UK, making the card pretty well nonviable for UK consumption. Is it possible to get a copy of the card from the UK? As I'm not ever likely to pay for $5 for a single card.

We will ship it for free if you email customerservice@looneylabs.com. The postage can't be removed in the webstore but we ship this from the office because it's our error. We also add it in the webstore so that people who are buying JD there can have them shipped together.

Amber, thank-you. And thank-you again to Looney Labs.Email sent.

I'm glad I said nice things to Kristin about customer service at UKGamesExpo now, you've proven me right again.  ;)

I got my replacement Granny today. I plan to use BOTH in my deck; the error Granny will be from the Mirror Universe.



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