I got my Just Desserts demo copy, and played it for the first time today with several of my coworkers at lunch.  We all liked it, but a few rules questions came up.

- When satisfying two Guests on one turn, can both of them be served the same Dessert card, as long as each icon is only used once?  For example: Roland (wants Pastry+Spice) and the Lumberjack (Cookies+Ice Cream) are out.  If I have a Glazed Donut (Pastry), Gingerbread Dudes (Spice+Cookies), and Vanilla Ice Cream (Ice Cream), can I serve/claim just one, or both?

- Does a Poaching attempt always have to be the first of the two Guests claimed?  The rules seem to imply that, but don't say outright.  If I claim a Guest from the center with his/her favorite, and draw a Tip that is the favorite of a Guest in front of another player, can I Poach that guest?

- This one's more of a tactics question.  Blocking a Poach is not really a good idea except when necessary, is it?  If Player B Poaches one of my Guests, and I Block it, I lose my Dessert cards; they keep theirs.  On their next turn, they can just Poach again, and I (most likely) can't Block anymore.  On the other hand, if I don't Block, I can just Poach the Guest right back on their turn.  (The exception is when the Poach would win them; then I have to Block - and hope I can change something before their next turn).


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I will give you my 2 cents worth.  I took it as the cards were desserts being given to the guests.  You would have to split the dessert between two guests to satisfy them both by "halving" the portion.  You couldn't just pull out the spice from the spice cake and use if on one guest and the cake for another.  The Spice Cake is a single unit.  That is how I have interpreted it with the group I have been playing with.  So we have not been trying to satisfy two guests with one dessert.  There isn't enough to go around.

The rules are really unclear as to how you can satisfy two guests.  

My group has decided that:

- if two guests want chocolate then you have to play two desert cards that contain chocolate.

- if one guest hates nuts, then you can't use a nut-containing card on that turn for either guest. 

- we allow a single card to be split up to satisfy parts of two different guest's order.  i.e. from the Butter Pecan Ice Cream card Granny gets ice-cream and Fuzzy gets nuts. This makes about as much sense as serving a Banana Split and a Pecan Pie, when fuzzy really is craving a the nuts and chocolate in a Peanut Butter Cup.

We also found that when we play with 5 players, we often run out of guests.  The game seems to need more guests.  

After playing the base game a few times, we moved on the the advanced rules. We also decided to only allow poaching with a guest's favourite food(s). This seems to make the poaching mechanism make more sense. 

When serving 2 guests, there's no sharing. You must satisfy each guest individually. To claim 2 guests in one turn you first serve one, then the other.

I love this fan club because the Looneys get on here and answer questions themselves.  Thanks a Ton to the both for taking the time to help out the players and the techs.

Thanks Andy!



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