I'm sure this is probably addressed in the wiki FAQ, but it is currently broken.

If you play the goal which allows you to win, but the same play is the goal change that moves Larry or the Radioactive Potato to you, do you win?

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simple - if you have the potato / larry when you meet the goal, you don't win.

so you have to make sure that when you play the goal, it moves to somewhere else and not you.

of course.... if "you also need a potato" is in play, you want the potato to move to you when the goal is changed.

Thanks.  That's what we were going with.  The argument was whether the win occurred in the interim.

Larry and The Potato move at the moment you play the new goal.  Which means if you have The potato, AND play a goal which otherwise makes you the winner, the potato moves away at the exact moment you play the goal.  You do not win.

If "you also need a potato", that is.



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