Hey there everyone, I was wondering is there a list of Fluxx expansions/cards that aren't seen or really talked about on the Looney Labs site?

Some examples of Unofficial expansions/promos:

The Wedding cards showcased in a Wunderland Blog

The 2 meta rules showed off in a Wunderland Blog

Playniac's "Not so Fast" Meta Rule

Some examples of the harder to hear about expansions/promos (they appear to be mainly website specific):

 The Foam Brain Keeper

Board Game Geek Expansion (though not as hard to hear about)

The Deluxe Werewolf Exclusive Cards (though when the kickstarter was happening, it was not hard to hear about)

While most of the second category are listed in Fluxx Promos on BBG, none of the first category are. 

Anywho, thank you for stopping by and reading this / helping me with this conundrum, Ian Blake Salazar

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Been curious of this myself.

It seems to me that those Meta Rules don't count as an "unofficial expansion".  There were never any cards printed.  To my mind they're more like ideas for Blanxx.  I don't know what Playniac's "Not So Fast" MetaRule is, but it sounds like just an idea, and not something that was ever actually made.  If it was, that person should have gotten permission from us, and I'm unaware of anyone asking about such a thing.

If you're talking about the wedding promos for Steve and Amy's wedding, they did actually have those printed up by a printer (with our permission), and they gave them out to folks at the Big Experiment where they got married.  Mind you there are many other people who have simply gotten a pile of blanks, and had artsy friends draw and write a hundred cards for their wedding guests.  Those were more private events, though, so those weren't really what I'd call "made available".

The wedding cards represent a sort of middle ground.  They were given out to the general public but only in a very limited context.  By contrast the second group were all produced and made widely available as promotions.  (Another set was the Loonacy cards we made for ThinkGeek.  Of course those aren't Fluxx.)

I think you can still get the Foam Brain card through Foam Brain Games, I believe.  The others are simply sold out, essentially.  They were one-time promotions.  I guess maybe Foam Brain might be out of those cards too, but I'm not sure.

Thank you so much for this very in-depth response. 

The Playniac's Meta Rule is just a PDF to clarify a bit. 

I guess what I was really trying to ask overall was, are there any recent promos out there currently that are unavailable from the online store? (Other than the new Flowers Keeper) 

Also are those type of promos ever put into the mystery bags of warehouse swag, even if it is an infinitesimal percentage?

Once again thank you for your detailed response.



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