There's probably no real solution for my issue.

I have the 2014 Xmas gift that has the extra loonacy cards with the fruitcake that I mixed in with the game.  The coloring of the cards is a very slight shade off.  Normally I don't notice because I am not focused on that.  But my 12 year old does.  And that makes a difference if she picks first or not (basically, will a fruitcake at that moment benefit her).

I don't want to take these cards out as I loooove the fruitcake.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I make her take the card if she is ready to grab it. But maybe there is a special custom rule I can come up with.

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So... my suggestion about how to handle this (since we can't fix the slight variations in cardback color that are bound to happen with promo cards) is to make the draw phase more structured:

Before the game, decide on a set draw order.  Decide who will always draw first, and players will then draw in order around the circle.

--> Everyone will still hold their cards face down and look simultaneously, of course.

Yes, this means that observant players may still know that they (or another) has a card which is guaranteed to be playable, but at least it prevents the irritating "I'm just going to hover here and let someone else draw first because I don't want that top card, because I know it's a Fruitcake."

Hope that's helpful!

Why not just buy a bunch of card sleeves with opaque backs? That would also hide the (bad) perforations on older promo cards. Do some research to determine which card sleeves best fit Fluxx cards: there's a TON of options available, surely there's a size for Fluxx that won't leave them rattling around in the sleeves (or falling out when held upside down).




When playing with my daughter, I like your idea Alison.  She always feel she has to be the first of everything.  So we decided last night to flip a coin as to who in each game gets to take the first card from the draw pile.  As far as playing with adults, the slight color difference has not impacted play.  But when playing with an adult we were always trying to figure out "rules" as to who picks first.  So this is a great option we are going to use in our house.  Deciding before the game who gets the first, second, third... card.



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