As a stats geek, game designer and engineer, I took Loonacy apart the moment I got it.

Not all images appear the same number of times in the deck.  Fifteen images appear six times each, and ten images appear seven times each.  Five images appear eight times (Lady Freedom, Ship, House, The Looneys, and Chocolate).

As we all know, the art comes from different Fluxx editions:

Fluxx (Chocolate, Clock, Cookie, Eye, Love, Moon, Pizza, Sun, Toaster, and the Looneys themselves)

Stoner Fluxx (Lady Freedom)

Family Fluxx (House)

EcoFluxx (Butterfly)

Zombie Fluxx (Brain, Car)

Monty Python Fluxx (Holy Grail)

Martian Fluxx (Mothership, Pyramid)

Pirate Fluxx (Monkey, Ship)

Star Fluxx (Crystals, Cute Alien)

Oz Fluxx (Bucket, Toto)

Cthulhu Fluxx (Black Cat)

Monster Fluxx (Franken-Monster, Fuzzy Monster, Spooky Door)

Not sure where the Earth and the Flag came from.  Nothing seems to be included from Fluxx Espanol or any of the foreign editions.  Also, it was a missed cross-marketing opportunity not to include anything from Chrononauts, EAC, Aquarius, BTTF Are You the Traitor or Seven Dragons.

If you get the TableTop Day 2014 promos for Loonacy, then you get an extra image of each of the five that already appear most often.  I wonder if that was deliberate.  Also, has anyone else noticed that the TableTop promos don't shuffle into Loonacy inconspicuously?

At any rate, I'm enjoying Loonacy far more than I ever expected I would, and it has exceeded my expectations.  Thank you!

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Loonacy promo?

How do I get one, if there's no local Tabletop event hat I can attend?



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