I know most of you have not even played this yet...  buy OMG this game is awesome!

(if you have played it - please back me up on this here...   we were calling this Keeper Chase)

The kits are shipping next week - if you want to get a demo copy early, get yourself over to the secret demo team only store and order your copy now.

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I'm looking forward to getting my own demo kit through the mail.  Looks like it'll be a great game.

Ack! I didn't get the e-mail for this!

On a completely different note, why are the ITTD promos more expensive?

I take that back; they were only more expensive when I bought them to prep for Tabletop Day; They're HALF THE PRICE this week! I feel a bit... gouged.

are you talking about our TableTopDay promo cards?

we are selling them here: http://store.looneylabs.com/TableTop-Tie-Dye-Bonus

and the price has never changed... $1 each, or .30 each when buying 25 of them

or are you talking about the full kit of promo materials sold via game distributors into stores?

I know when I bought the TableTopDay promo cards, the unit cost was $15 from the webstore.  The price is still shown as $15 per unit in the order itself.

The cost for the pack of 25 should've been $7.50, but the cost for the pack of 25 when I bought them was double that.

On March 18th, I paid $15 for the 25 pack of the tie-die promo, the same order that I purchased my Loonacy demo copy on. There wasn't an option to buy more or less.

I got my kit a couple weeks ago, and let me say, it's amazing! We played several games tonight, and we were all hooked!!! It is a great quick frantic game that will induce one to... dare i say... loonacy.

I may have to switch my kits back to direct ordering. The last few games, I've gotten the demo kit the same day as the release. And for Loonacy, Alliance didn't even SHIP me the kit for it. It's on my pre-order list, but not in my hands. Going to check with my rep tomorrow and find out what happened.

Did you talk to your rep?  How frequently do you get shipments from Alliance? They had the demo kits in time to get them to you early...   sorry that didn't work! 

I get 2 or 3 shipments a month. He told me that the kits came in late (I deal with the Fort Wayne location.)

I thought sure they'd listed the launch kits/demo copies on the site as being available, but I may have misread it.

Love loonacy SO much. I played it with a stranger at international tabletop day while her husband learned a new game from someone else...as soon as we finished playing and were setting up the next demo I went and requested that the owner of the shop we were at get a supply of loonacy in so that I could buy one off him ASAP.



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