I know most of you have not even played this yet...  buy OMG this game is awesome!

(if you have played it - please back me up on this here...   we were calling this Keeper Chase)

The kits are shipping next week - if you want to get a demo copy early, get yourself over to the secret demo team only store and order your copy now.

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I am going to need to buy a few more copies lol. I taught my niece how to play and our card duels became violent with the two of us trying to slam a card down first and a few of the cards took a beating from it. If I keep playing with her I am going to need to have a fresh set of cards after every game.

LOL - I've had a few games like this... 

Would sleeves help?

I don't think sleeves would make much difference unless they were hard acrylic sleeves, which I think are cases not sleeves either way. Most of the damage I experiences came from two cards hitting each other and one or both bending backwards. The cards themselves didn't suffer too terribly much, two or three had to have a corner bent back into shape, but after a few games like that there may be a few cards that start to get permanent damage.



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