I'm the Gaming Coordinator for an Atlanta-area convention called TimeGate. You can check it out here:




I seem to recall that the company used to have reps called mad lab rabbits who would run demo games at conventions. I think they now have a different name.


So, how do I go about getting one of these company reps to run demo games at my convention?



Ted Skirvin






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Yes, we used to be Lab Rabbits; we're now Lab Techs; some of us still prefer the Lab Rabbit identity ... it's not terribly important what we're called, I think.

Mostly, getting someone to come to your event is a matter of getting some person in your area who has some enthusiasm fFor the games.  If I were closer, I'd come, you bet.  But we're all basically volunteers.

I just did a quick search of our registered people, here, and it looks like there are several people in Georgia who you might be able to invite to your event to run games.  We're usually a nice nice of people, so drop some of them a line and see if anyone is available!

Unless you were hoping to get Andy Looney himself to come to your event?  That's a bit more involved.  I would suggest emailing him directly.




Thanks for replying, Scott. Does the company provide prize support to the lab technicians so that prizes can be awarded to winners of demo games?

At present, there's a bunch of promo cards and fFreebies which we can give out.  The Looneys make a fFew promo cards every year, so there's quite a pool to draw fFrom.

A year or two ago, they started printing posters, which look super cool.  The IceDice Playmat is pretty sweet, fFor example, and the 7 dragons game poster looks really nice.

The Looneys have been talking recently about other prize systems that we can use, but that's not really up and going yet, unless whoever comes to your convention decides to do it on their own (and it's a nice thing if they do).

And, if you were thinking of bigger prizes, like copies of games ... well, all I can say is, ask nicely.  The Looneys are really cool people, so they might send some swag your way, but no promises can be made here.  Whomever you get to run events at your convention might come with their own prizes that they are willing to give away.  Personally, I have about 4 copies of fFluxx, fFor example.

So I guess the short answer is:  yes there are prizes which can be given, but the quality and quantity of prizes may vary.


Thank you Scott for jumping in and trying to answer Ted's questions... and for the kind words! 

Yes we used to have an awesome demo program.
Yes we are working on bringing it back.
Yes I wish we had more time and resources...

                   ... did I mention we are working on it?   

And we will have some cool new things in place before next years convention season...

For now...   OUR DEMO TEAM

 "We don't currently have a formal demo program (with a reward system, organized convention support, the ability to hook stores/cons/fans together, etc.) but we do have a fan club again!  The Demo Team is a private group within the fan club that let's us communicate with our biggest fans about ways they can help us promote our games. We have a variety of promotional items at very cheap prices that only members of this group can purchase, details available once you join."


So... we don't have systems in place to hook fans and stores and conventions together - but if you or someone else from your convention joins the Demo Team you will gain access to various resources. More will come... your convention is not until next summer - please check back after the new year! 

Thanks playing Looney Labs games at your convention!


Okay, it's after the new year so I'm checking back. Any news?


I did check that list that Scott included in his post. They either would not respond or said they were not on the Demo Team. I did not try Tony Cade because he owns a comics and games store and thus is highly unlikely to be able to do demos at a con.





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