A long time ago, (2004ish) I was super excited that all of the pyramid games had rules that lived online.  Then one day some of them started to disappear. This was before the wiki.  I panicked and started to print up a copy of all of the games that I could find that still existed. I have a pretty good collection.

I recently was able to have a conversation with Mr. Looney.  I mentioned a game that he had never hear of.  It was one of the lost ones.  I promised that I would post what I had printed up online here in the forum.  I think this thread would be a good place for others to post stuff that they might have printed up also....provided it doesn't exist on the wiki.  I have more in my collection.  When I get time, I will post more of the lost ones here for all to see.  I will scan them, that way the url and other info will appear as well so that the proper people might get credit.

The first game that I am posting is a solitaire game that is more of a puzzle than a game. Ice Star.

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That's a great idea. It's very cool to hear that you have some old games printed out. Ice Star is one of the ones that I located a while back (probably through archive.org), and it is on our icehouse.org wiki. I actually got to try the game out a while ago.

There are, however, several games that are still missing, so feel free to take a look at the complete list of archived games and post any that you have that are missing.


Just looked up the ice star on the wiki. The name is there, but the instructions weren't.

Thanks for calling that to my attention.

There's a link on the page, which was working as of a few months. We didn't put a lot of games directly into the wiki because of copyright issues (perhaps silly in this case) or because the original page was done up with pictures, etc.  In this case, I'll have to go fix the link again (whenever the wiki gets fixed).



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