Does anybody happen to know who developed "Lunar Chess" for iOS? It's Free(*) in the App Store (modest fee to remove the ads that theoretically support the dev's $99/yr signing cert fee—though the domain that served up the adds, provided network play, etc, is now dead.

If the developer has no interest in updating this, I'd be willing to have a look. Obj-C is something I've never actually gotten into, but I'm proficient in C and half a dozen OO languages. Obj-C is just a matter of an API I never bothered to learn and ecoming friendly with XCode—I already know the syntactic differences from work on other projects.

My major goals are to restore network play and perhaps add GameCenter integration for high scores. Following that, I'd look into piece promotion code—though that would require teaching the AI to use the tactic against the player. Might also in the process teach the AI not to make the mistake that lead to my last victory with 21 POINTS. I dunno how that happened, usually the AI and I have pretty even scoring. Today somehow I just spanked it.

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A quick search turned up a person, Andrew Farley, and a company, Neon Surge.  It does have a VideoGameGeek entry, but information is sketchy.

I got that far, but appears defunct, as does  The two domains are related, despite having different registrants.  The registrar of uses a Yahoo email address which IMO just screams "send domain spam here!"  Andrew Farley's registrant email is at neonsurge.

Sounds like a couple of guys got together to start a small indie game company, which is cool.  But it looks like things may not have panned out for some reason.  The domain is coming up on expiration, and the iOS app (which appears to have been blessed by Looney Labs since it now bears the name Martian Chess and a LL logo) is still at 1.0.

I'll keep digging.



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