Hi all

I'm planning on making some custom Fluxx cards as a Christmas present, but the problem is that I don't have access to a scanner.

I was wondering if you could do me a huge favour and send me scans of the following Keepers:

- Money
- Party
- Time
- Eye
- Brain
- Peace
- Dreams


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No Kinko's in your area?

How about searching online for existing images (e.g., promo card or advertising graphics on the LL site)?

What about doing some measurements and using GIMP?


Just sayin'... there's a lot faster ways to get your project going without crowd-sourcing.

Not familiar with Kinko's - maybe it's just a US thing.

I've tried searching online but haven't found the keepers I need.

Isn't GIMP just editing software, which would mean I still needed the images...

Kinkos - I guess the UK doesn't have copy services--oh, wait; it does.

Online Images - Google is a *powerful* thing, no?



With the the first link and a hop on a bus, I'd have been done in about an hour.

With the second and third links, and the Helvetica and Times common fonts, I'd have been done in maybe three hours.


"Community" is one thing. Joining just to get others to do work for you is another.

Have a great weekend.

I'm sorry if asking for help with a project offends you, but I thought that if someone here could easily send me the images I needed, I would ask. 

Once again, I have already done Google searches and it hasn't produced the images I need.

Thanks very much for the link to an imagine editing program, but I don't need an image editing program, I need the images of the keepers listed above.

So as fun as arguing with you is, if you don't want to help me out, that's fine, but I don't know why you feel the need to attack me. Certainly not my idea of "community"...

I wasn't arguing, I was offering you ways to handle your project yourself, without relying on others to take time out to do 90% of it for you. You are "arguing," by taking the defensive and trying to shift the onus on me for not doing all and only what you requested.


Had you been on this forum for more than 1 day before asking Chris Wilkerson to give you scans (and one week before asking the rest of us to do so) you'd know that there's a strong DIY vibe throughout the Looney fan base. The week you've spent asking and waiting is WAY more than enough time to build all of that art by scratch, using measurements of existing cards; or to find a copy service in York (you're welcome for the help with that--I'd use Architect Shop; they seem cool) and pay them for their time to scan them for you--Wait... you do have actual LL products to use for reference, right?


Maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed today, but that just strikes me as lazy.


That said, I hope someone *who has already got those scans and can send them with five mouse clicks* comes along and fulfills your precise wishes.

I don't see why I should have to defend myself, but as it happens I've spent a good deal of time editing photo images I want to use, designing the rest of the cards, and printing and play-testing draft copies. All I need now is the Keeper art, and I was wondering if anyone - like Chris - either had the images already scanned in or could take a few minutes to scan and send them (an outrageous idea I know). I wasn't aware there were time limits before people could ask for help.

I have existing Fluxx cards but no (free) access to a scanner to scan them in. Funnily enough I haven't just been sitting and waiting at my computer for a week.

Frankly I don't care if you think I'm lazy or not - winning David Artman's approval is not a big goal in my life. Either help me or don't (your herculean effort at Googling aside), if you don't want to then fine, I don't see why you feel the need to moralise!

Getting back on topic, I'm not entirely sure what the rules are on scanning card art.  I mean, you don't seem to be trying to pirate the thing.  I guess I'm not really sure about what you are trying to do.

Also, which version of the art do you want?  The older black and white art, or the new color art?  Probably the color, but it's good to ask.

Colour please. The cards would be for personal use only and I have purchased a full deck of Fluxx cards, a couple of expansions and a few promo cards as well!


I don't have the cards scanned, and don't know when I'll be able to get around to it.  So you may actually be better served doing it yourself.  But, I should have some amount of time in the next fFew days to get to it.

Ok, thanks. No worries if you can't



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