Are you registered as a Starship Captain yet?

If you followed these instructions to add the list app to your profile page, and listed at least ten pyramid games you know how to play, then you are an officially registered Starship Captain and are eligible for a free membership card!   Request Membership Card

You can check to see if you are registered via this Starship Captain Search tool... if you were one of the first few Starship Captains who signed up, you may not find yourself on this list, because you originally listed your games in the text of your profile and never came back and installed the app that drives the roster. Please go add the app to your profile page before you request your membership card.  

... and if you don't want to be listed on the public roster of Starship Captains - just edit your list of pyramid games on your profile page and uncheck 'Include me on the public roster'. 

It will be a few weeks before we are ready to start shipping out the coins and membership cards - but please go send in a request for your card. Thanks for joining the Academy of Starship Captains! 

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Hi Robert, are you following the these instructions:

To add your list...

  1. Go to "My Page",
  2. Click the "+ Add Apps" link in the left sidebar (under your photo),
  3. Click "+ Add by URL" (at the bottom of the left column, under Categories),
  4. Add ""
  5. Select OK and return to your profile page, find the new box and enter your list
  6. Also, please move your list to be second on your page, just after your profile!

If so, the app added will have blank text fields for you to write in the games you've played. If this still isn't working please let me know. 

Hi! I've tried to add the app but I get this message:  "There was an error processing your OpenSocial XML file. Please verify that the OpenSocial XML file is valid and try again."

How can I do it?



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