How many of these come with the standard edition of Fluxx? We've only found 1 in our box .. curious if we're missing some, or if there's only supposed to be one included.

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Meta-Rules are non-standard rules. In normal fluxx there is only 1. I think martian fluxx has a meta rule in it as well.
Andy Looney has said, in fFormalizing the rules a year or two ago, he needed a way to identify rules that aren't "New Rules," like the Draw-1-Play-1.  He discovered they had always been there, but noone knew it.  There is only 1 Meta Rule which is in wide usage, but there could be more later.

Yes, the Meta Rule is a very rare card. Although I have a number of prototype meta rule cards in testing, and have talked about a couple of others on the website, so far there have only been two: Rules Escalation, which appears in Fluxx 4.0, and Time Limit, which appears in Martian Fluxx. As for the ones I've talked about on the web, that discussion is here:

? There's no Escalation in my copy of 4.0.

Thanks-- I was worried I had lost others somewhere along the way. I'll check out the link you included.

I have seen 4 different Meta-Rules around now, and I was wondering if there is anyway to get a copy of them? I have seen "Early Limit Compliance", "Quota Style Turn Order", "Rules Escalation", and "Cult Clash".


Here's up-to-date info on MetaRules from our FAQ.  In fact, I came to this page to grab the URL to Andy's post about them.

I think the FAQ should probably be updated to include Goal Foundry, now that it's in Chemistry Fluxx and not just the Goal Foundry promo pack from 2015 :P



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