What is the protocol for playing the Mobile Fluxx game?  Let's say you are playing a 21 day game, should you be ready whenever the alert lets you know it's your turn?  Do you wait to give the other players time to breathe (so to speak)?  I haven't gotten any response to my question regarding the little timer posted about 19 hours ago so I'm trying a new approach.  I want to give other players some room but the game doesn't seem to be moving very quickly.  That's probably my fault and the newness of playing this online.

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i personally don't like to play a game where it drags for hours, so i only in play 15 mins games.

in a 4 player game, that means 1 hour game at max.

I think it comes down to personal preference.  I play casual games on my mobile device because i like to be casual about it.  If I have to stop in the middle to go walk the dog or get back to work, that's just how it is.  You can drop your game with me if you want, no worries.  It's a casual game.

But some people fFeel very differently, I think.  And that's understandable too.

Speaking as a gamer who plays a lot of casual games (though not a casual gamer, oooooh no), my mindset has always been that casual = not stressful. That means that there isn't adrenaline pumping action adventure awesomeness, as in non-casual games.

That means that there isn't really a reason to get upset if someone takes a while with their turn when you're playing something so casual. Take, for instance, Draw Something. I've been playing it on and off for about two years (or so? since right after it came out). I've been playing it with the same people, both people I know and those I don't, the entire time. I'll put the game down and not pick it up for months at a time, and I'v never lost a play partner. I realize Fluxx isn't as simple nor as casual as Draw Something, but the idea is the same. Take your time if you want. Or wait by your phone and make a move as soon as it's your turn. Just enjoy it and have fun. That's the whole point. :)

I hate losing because of a time-out, and I like playing many games at once, so I prefer 21 day games. I can be away from the games for a couple of days and it won't matter, even if it ends up being a long game.



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