Imagine my extreme elation at the news of a Fluxx app! Imagine my extreme disappointment that it is being developed for a mere 25% of the mobile market.

Oh well, start out with baby steps, no?  Will there be plans for an android version sooner rather than later?

My apologies if this has already been answered, I could not find the answer if so.

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Those who've got it and played, can you answer some questions?

  1. Is it pass-and-play, network multiplayer, both, neither?
  2. Which version of Fluxx?
  3. Any alternate/additional cards in it?



It's single player as well as network, but the network seems confusing. I think it's like you take a turn, complete, then wait for the others to take their turns and they have so much time to complete their turn. Seems silly. I'd like a pass-and-play model.

It looks like normal fluxx with some different cards in it. I have not played every version, so I couldn't tell you which ones they come from. I did like the "Play All but 1" rule. :)

My only complaint? No Creepers! How lame is that.

It's based on the mass market version of Fluxx that's sold in Target stores.

It has a pass-and-play option.

Asynchronous play (what you're calling "network") is also possible.  Naturally, players take turns, and naturally, you have to wait for them to do so.  A timer is provided so that players can't leave other players hanging indefinitely, and if you don't want to have to wait a long time between turns, be sure to play games with a short timer.  You can choose games as short as 15 min, or as long as 28 days.

The AI is not bad, and you can play with AI among the players in a pass & play if you want.  If a player runs out of time in an asynchronous game, they forfeit, and cannot get credit for a win, though their hand and keepers etc, will be taken over by the AI so that the rest of the players can finish the game.

I don't know why I'm posting on this thread, because I don't even own a mobile device to play game apps. But.

As I understand it, the limited OS support is a function of the mobile developer/distributor Playdek. They aspire to enter the android market at some point, but they've done their initial development with iOS, and they have a good track record with migrating games from tabletop to digital formats. So I think Looney Labs probably made a good call here, and if the android users can keep their panties orthogonal, all should be well.

Wholeheartedly agree with the original poster. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it wasn't available for android. Looking forward to the android version. :(

I just wanted to say I'm very happy with Fluxx, I think it has a good price point, for it's first release they did  very good beta testing.

I have had a great time playing it, I also like how often we would see the Looneys playing online as well.

I think everyone did a great job and it's a great start for Looney Labs first application, I look forward to seeing more games and platforms for the games.

The game works surprisingly well for the phone for it being a game with ever changing rules. The $2 price tag is also hard to beat, and mobile Fluxx is a good introduction for people new to the game and Looney Labs.

Although I do have an Iphone and was able to get the game, i must agree that it would be good to make the game available for Android Users.

I haven't got a chance to play online yet, but the AI's play well for a fast, fun, on the go game.

I'm excited to see what other games Looney Labs may come out with for mobile devices. An exclusive game for mobile devices only by Looney Labs would be interesting... Thinking about the potential now, a mobile game of 'Are You the Werewolf' would be interesting to play either online or with friends

Plays really well on the iPad, but would be even better if it was on Android so I didn't have to steal the wifes gear to play :)

A big aspect of mobile programming is hardware. There are currently exactly six models of iPhone and three iPads, and all use the same OS, but in different versions.

There are literally thousands of Android devices.

This is a both a boon and a drawback. You can find Android phones in any price range. But not all apps are going to work correctly on all Android phones. Some phones just have funny hardware, while some have modified Android operating systems, while still others are rooted and hacked to look and act like an iPhone. There are tablets, phones, and computers that all run on Android. You can see where writing an app that runs smoothly on all those different devices might get daunting.

All that said, I have an Android phone and an Android tablet. I want Fluxx for Android. :'(

Is there any more news as to whether or not Fluxx will be coming to Android devices?

Not a single Playdek app has been ported to Android.  I'm going to have to say that I highly doubt they are even working on it, and I hope Looney Labs can get the rights back and award them to a developer that will do something with them.  I would suggest Tiny Rebel Games, they've done a lovely job with Doctor Who:Legacy, but frankly, I don't care WHO, just give them to somebody who will DO.

The claim that there are thousands of Android devices is complete BS.  The vast majority of those devices have similar, if not the same, specs (are there a thousand different screen sizes?  No, of course not).  You don't program for the device, you program for the API.  All that needs to happen is give the rights to a reputable company, not an Apple-exclusive shop.



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