I played Monochrome Chess against my father-in-law last night. His chess skills had atrophied a lot farther than I expected, but he still got the hang of if by the time the game ended. I won, 44 to 27.

Rule Suggestion: The game should end of either player reaches 50 points. There are only 99 possible points available for capture, since at least one piece must remain on the board at the end of the game. Fifty points is the smallest possible score that cannot be overcome.

Rule Question: What happens when I have pieces on my side of the board (only pawns), but have no legal move? Does the game end, or do I just forfeit my turn?

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For those not familiar with the game, could you post a link to the rules?  

Pawns can move in either direction, so the situation in your question can only happen if you manage to form a solid line of pawns with a cap on the opponent's side, while at the same time having nothing else left on your side. It's technically possible, but it shouldn't happen unless both players are playing deliberately to force it.

Oh, apparently I could have moved my own pawns *backward*.  I had not considered this.



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