I was wondering when the Monster version of Fluxx is being released? This will be a great mix with my Zombie Fluxx deck and I'm really looking forwards to it.

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Just on a cursory search, it seems October the first will be the date of release.

How did you find that?  On the web I couldn't find any mention of a date,  and at Target.com the only version of Fluxx mentioned was Space Fluxx!

I was going to ask why we've heard nothing for Demo Team members. So I searched, and found out it's ANOTHER Target exclusive?!

Why? Not that I won't be getting a copy or 2 (of course), but why another Target exclusive?

Probably because it's a very lucrative arrangement fFor the Looneys.  And hey, we just got a bunch of love.  It's all alright.

What love? The swag bag with the demo copies of Fluxx: the Board Game?

That's what I was thinking of, yes.  I have given lots of that stuff away by now, but I still have a variety of things to give away as prizes and promos in the fFuture, too. 

I got mine through my game distributor, so I didn't get the swag.

Would love a copy of Monster Fluxx, but if it's Target exclusive... oh well, guess I'm not getting one over here in the UK.

I've been thinking about this.  I think, as long as I can fFind some copies in stores near me (that shouldn't be a problem, I'm just sayin), I can probably buy up a number of copies to ship to people in other countries who haven't been able to get one any other way.  We can work out some sort of payment thing, maybe you can send me something cool and British I wouldn't otherwise get.  Maybe a local souvenir of some kind.  Or if you prefer, just paypal money or something.  Whatever.  Let me know what you think, and we'll see if we can maybe help each other get something fFun.  =)

Has anyone gotten a copy yet? The 2 Targets we've checked here in Illinois have come up blank.

I've tried 4 Target locations in the Memphis, TN area (some multiple times) since Oct. 1st.  No dice on any of them (although the special Target-made version of the regular Fluxx game is on sale for $7.99 from 10/13 until early November). 

I contacted the folks at Looney Labs a couple of weeks ago to ask about it, and was told Monster Fluxx had shipped to Target's warehouse, but they had no way to know when it would get distributed out to the stores.  I asked if it was supposed to be in the toy section (near board games, where the regular Fluxx is), or with Halloween stuff, or up front on the display with Baseball cards, Magic: The Gathering cards, etc.  I was told it was supposed to be in Toys, and actually on the same peghook as the regular Fluxx. 

Yesterday I was checking my 4th Target location for MF, and I asked an employee about it, filling him in on what I knew (described above).  He suggested that it might be like how the chain does action figures: a bunch of different characters which are all part of the same brand, and released at the same time in the same wave, will all get the same SKU (stock keeping unit #, a.k.a. the ID number of the product in their computer systems). But if one item with that assortment's SKU sells out, then it doesn't get restocked until ALL the items with that SKU sell out at that location.

So if, for example, someone is looking for Bumblebee of the Transformers and that location is out of Bumblebee, but still has Optimus and Ironhide and Ratchet, then that store won't get more until all the others sell out, too. This could be why there's no Monster Fluxx, even though Halloween is fast approaching and Target is losing their ability to capitalize on the spooky holiday with the monster-themed card game.  Because their computer system can't tell one from the other, so all it knows is that this store location still has that SKU in stock, so don't send more yet.

I passed along employee's theory on to the lady at Looney Labs I had spoken to, and she'll pass it on to the right person to look into it.  But it makes sense: if Fluxx and Monster Fluxx are supposed to be stocked on the same peghook, then they probably have the same SKU.  So if your location has plenty of regular Fluxx in stock, then it won't get a new bundle (which is likely to have both Fluxx and MF in the bundle) until they sell out of the batch of regular Fluxx they have right now.  And even then it might take them a week or so to get that restock in from the warehouse.



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