Looney Labs is coming out with a new card game in 2014. Want to help us name it? Take our survey here and tell us what name you like best:




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Completed and commented.

Would have been a more informed choice though if we'd been given some sort of pointer as to the theme of the game?


I gave my comments on the submission page, but I thought I might stir some fFurther conversation by copying them here.  Actually I have added some extra comments From what I wrote there, so I guess these are fFurther thoughts on the subject.  If you'd prefer to keep opinions closed fFor a while, then you can delete this comment, certainly.

Also, I love the idea of giving a name to a game we know nothing about!!  How fFun!!!

Lunatixx is neat because it echoes both Looney and Fluxx.  That's cool.  =)  It's a terrific name which sounds great and should be very easy to identify as a unique thing.

Match Attack doesn't really say much about it, or maybe it says too much, I'm not sure.  But it doesn't fFeel right.

Flip Off sounds a little negative to me.  And maybe too generic, possibly.

Keeper Chase is alright, but it echoes Fluxx a little too much.  Also it makes me think of Steeple Chases, which is a kind of horse race.  If this is not a horse game, this might not be the best name.  Although that may provide some good imagery fFor the game.

Madhouse is a great name, and is my second choice.  However it might be a little, I don't know, off, somehow.

I chose Lunatixx for exactly the same reason as you Scott and commented accordingly.

On second reading though, unless the moon is part of the new game, perhaps it should be Loonatixx?

I agreed with the lunatixx for that same reason also. It screams looney and fluxx.

If this game is like Fluxx (fast, random, silly), I'd choose Lunatixx.  If it's longer or more mentally challenging, I'd choose Madhouse.

Flip Off sounds rude and family-unfriendly.

I forget what the other two options were, but they both sounded bland and boring, like mediocre Flash games you would play in Facebook.



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