New/Completed Game: Autumn Ash (with Ice Sheet ready for suggestions)

Presenting Autumn Ash (finally in its advanced/playtested form) a R+X+ game for two players.

Do you have and IceDice set and two Xeno booster sets? Then you have enough pieces to play this fun strategy game that employs lots of colors. It’s a game that works mostly as a complex strategy game but also feels a little like a race (albeit a race without randomness or luck). This is because, after any given piece  enters the board, it can only be moved four times (though it may end up returning to the board later). After you play it a few times, I'm sure that you'll find a number of interesting strategies and ways to thwart your opponent.

Download the attachment and give it a try! The few final changes have been made to the online copies. We’ve spent a lot of time playtesting this over the past 15 months, but I’m still interested in what others think. I’m also looking for suggestions for the Ice Sheet.

So many colors? There aren't a lot of games that use all ten standard colors, and the design was, in part, meant to address one of the problems associated with using so many different pieces. I tried to make a strategy game using all the colors but also a game that, once its mechanic was learned, wouldn’t require a lot of rereading or relearning. The key to getting the game run smoothly was to not make the colors represent different powers but instead different stages or moves on the board.

The rules are also available on our wiki.

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Suggestion for Unsettled Autumn Ash (the advanced version of this game):  I have trouble describing this advanced version of the game, and, as it is a really great way to play AA, I've been thinking that there has to be a good way to visualize the shifting board and how pieces can be entered onto the playfield. One suggestion I have for first-time players is that they cut a template out the size of a 5X6 board (based on the dimensions of whatever board you are playing on). Use the negative space of your cut out to place over the actual game board, and use it to determine possible corner spaces for the given state of the board!

It's been a while since I've updated this. I've just uploaded the final version of the IceSheet, as the stacking rules were revised (largely simplified) a while back; this now conforms with the wiki version but add additional game aids and diagrams.

I've played this extensively with people who I've taught the game to (thanks again to my awesome playtesters), but I'm now turning to the community to help out and encouraging players to give it a go. I'm curious as to whether there is any portion that needs additional clarity, and I'm really interested in reading what people think of the mechanics and game play. Enjoy!

I'll be posting a video in a little bit that introduces the visual aid to aid for playing the "Unsettled" version of the game. It's probably not necessary, but it might give that variant greater exposure. I believe that version will become the default for experienced players.

I have not tried playing this (sorry) but I wanted to say the picture is beautiful - I have been playing a 10 color version of Caldara recently and it's so much fun having all the colors in play! 

Thanks Kristin! It is actually really cool to have a game that works well with all of the colors.  Ten-color Caldara game sounds awesome. :)

I'm glad that you like the picture; I'm going a little bit further to promote this game over some other games I've come up with. That's because it's a strategy game that I really enjoy :), and, let's face it, with over 400 games to choose from on the wiki, if you have something worth sharing, you have to do a little promotion.



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