Hi, here's another "new pyramid game" announcement.

Stawvs is a game I made over a year ago and kept procrastinating writing up, and I have recently been nudged into adding it to the wiki. :)

It has been playtested with about a different dozen people over its lifetime, and it seems stable and enjoyable.

It's basically an Amazons / Hey! That's My Fish mashup with Volcano scoring. You need 4 stashes, a chessboard, and 3 identifying caps/pawns for each player.


Feedback welcome. Thanks!

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I've played this a bit over the past week. It's good stuff. My attention span's crazy short, so I mostly play it on a 5x6 board with two Rainbow stashes and two caps just to cut the time down. That's not to detract from the regular game, though, which is absolutely fine as is. I recommend checking this out if you like abstracts.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for trying it out and giving feedback on Stawvs! I'm glad you enjoy it!

Funny, I never even thought about playing a mini version on a smaller board. I'll have to try it mini style. :)



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