A quick and easy game. The picture was too large to post here, so please look at my profile page.

Players: 2

Equipment: 2 Stashes, of two different colors, one for each player.

Set-up: take your stash and mix the pyramids up to pick them out randomly and place them in 3 rows of 5 pieces each, facing your opponent's, with a queen-sized gap between the sides.

Movement: during your turn, you must switch one of your pieces with one of your opponent's. A piece placed on your opponent's field cannot be moved again by anyone. Your turn then ends and goes to the next player.

Goal:  capture your opponent's pieces by making queen-drone-pawn line-ups in that order, in your own field. When that happens pick up the three pieces and put them to the side for scoring later. If more than one line-up occurs in your  field, pick the one you like best, pip-wise.

Swice: if a switch creates a line-up in both fields, you can collect both of them.

End and Scoring: the game ends when it's no longer possible to make any more line-ups by one or both players. Pips on opponent's pieces captured are counted and higher score wins. In case of a draw, you can accept the result or play again.

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