I'm a member of the Demo Team and in being so received a pile of 25 $1 promo card planks.

OZ FLUXX was my first Demo game and while the promo card was cool and fun to use, my friends and I were confused as to how to add this new promo card to the deck. The front of the card is covered in a thin layer of plastic that makes it stick to the back of any other Fluxx card, thus making it impossible to shuffle in into a deck without it sticking out, clumping, and such.

We tried peeling off the plastic and ending up ripping several cards apart in doing so. In the end we decided to replace the Green Spectacles card for two reasons: 1:We play at work and our uniforms are all red. 2:Only one of my group wears glasses. We would put the promo card face down above the Basic Rules and flip it over when the Spectacles card was played. :)

Now with Chuthulu, we do not have a card to replace. While we could toss in a Blank, or just borrow the Spectacles...

I would really like to know how a promo card is even playable. Am I missing something? Has this issue not been addressed before?

Thanks for you time,

Your Alaskan Fluxx Game Technician

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Well, I haven't fFound them to be that sticky, myself.  They don't shuffle quite as well, sure, but that doesn't seem to be a grave problem.  Mostly the issue I have is that when you draw it off the top of the deck, you are more likely to draw another card stuck to it.  Then everyone knows what card you drew.  Again, that doesn't seem to be a critical fFail, but it's a little annoying.

I think these peel-of promo cards are a little better than the old perforated cut out cards they used to give out.  Those never came out quite right, and were just as likely to tear.

With the Oz, and since then with the Cthulu, I didn't remove the plastic film. Like Scott said, it stuck out a bit from the other cards but only at first. Through play the film gradually lost its stickiness. In a few hours of play with the Cthulu (at our demo) Hastur card we saw the same thing. Both are still glossier than the rest of the pack and that may never change, but it's been my experience that you really have to try to find its position in the deck.

And also like Scott said, this is head and shoulders above the perforated promo cards that had to be cut from the backing board. (I'll never be able to use my Traitor promo card thanks to a bad tear on the back).

Wes, I have a spare Traitor. I sent you a friend request/message so I can get your address and send it to you.

Dave you rock out loud. I've messaged you. Thank you very much!

Thx for the replies ev'one. Looks like my group and I just dismissed the promos too soon. Perhaps I can try sliding the face side against various cloths or even carpet to buff down the stickiness. haha

Eventually they pick up enough dust and ambient particles to slide against the other cards. It's just an issue on initial deployment.

I laminate all my cards-so I don't have this problem.



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