Hello everyone, I am looking for a storage solution for my Pyramid collection and was wondering if the new Pyramid's will fit in the old tubes http://store.looneylabs.com/Empty-Pyramid-Tube?sc=2&category=1676.

If anyone knows please let me know.

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So far, I have had absolutely no problems with the old tubes and the new pyramids. I have all 10 colors, and 2 rainbow stashes, and they fit perfectly.

Nice, ill have to order some from the site then. Thanks

I'm glad to hear that too. The Looney Labs site has such a big disclaimer that I've been hesitant to try the tubes, since most of my pyramids are of the current vintage. I've got other solutions for storage, but there are at least a couple of games that use the tubes for play, and they still might be handy for the occasional pocket transport.

I personally had the opposite result with the tubes. So now I don't use them any more.


Personally, I like the tubes.  Packaged correctly, you can carry a full stash along with a treehouse die and an extra die.  My youngest has discovered how much fun it is to make trees with the pyramids and I'll pocket a stash when we go out somewhere.  It keeps him from getting bored and it draws attention from other people.  The tubes keep everything nice and secure and it even becomes a bit of an exercise to put them back when we're done.

I've tried it. theres actually more room in a tube with the new 'mids, due to the lip they put in making them nest closer. 

Worked fine for me until I tried it with the Pink Treehouse set I just purchased. For some reason, they are the tiniest bit bigger than my rainbow and xeno pyramids. I'm tempted to just lightly sand the corners so that they slide in freely because I love how the 'mids look in tubes and are better protected.

LMAO!! That is too funny! I just got my tubes and my pink treehouse set in the mail today. All my new pyramids fit just fine but the pink treehouse set doesnt fit. I am going to sand them ever so much as well. 

Glad to know it's not just me, haha. There's something different about the pink ones. They also make a different clinking on the table so I'm suspecting a slightly different plastic.

Not quite sure what is is about them.

I just used some 320 grit sand paper and barely rounded the edges on my pink treehouse set and they fit like a champ now!



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