A kid came up to buy one Xeno stash and I asked if he had the Ice Dice set and he said 'No'. i explained what I know about the Ice Dice and that stashes are like add-ons. He put the stash back and got Ice Dice.

 Was I wrong? Are there things you can do with just one stash? From the packaging, it isn't clear...

 BTW- playing Martian Chess at the register with my employees draws attention!

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There are several games that you can play with one Xeno or Rainbow set (aka, what we used to call a treehouse set because it was what was sold with the treehouse dice): http://www.icehousegames.org/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Treehous... . ]

However, that said, I don't think you steered him or her wrong.There are a lot more, representational games, that one can play with the number of pyramids that come with IceDice. The problem with buying just the Xeno or Rainbow set is that it doesn't come with the storage bag and literature that make getting into pyramid games so easy to start off. I believe that they are packaged more like an upgrade set of pyramids than a stand alone. In my opinion, there will be some gamers who are served well enough by the boxed sets (I bought all of my stashes back when they were sold in the clear tubes as single sets), but many more will find IceDice more useful to start off.

There are things you can do with just one stash, but they aren't obvious unless somebody does their research on-line. The Ice Dice set is a game which also includes a guide to the system. The pyramids box is really just a box of components. So - right call, I think.



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