Is it ok to have a thread for out-of-print cards found for sale?  It seems fair to me that if you're in the market for that one rare card, we can all try and help each other by posting links if you find some available?  Of course it's likely the links won't be good for long, but surely it's better that someone from the Fluxx Forum Family have first crack at it than anyone else, right?

I found, from 2007, the 7-card 10th Anniv Expansion pack on ebay.  As of this post, 4 are left here:

"This seven-card pack was issued to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fluxx in 2007.  It includes the Keeper - The Party - modeled on La Fiesta from Fluxx Español. It also includes a Creeper (a new card-type invented for Zombie Fluxx) called the Radioactive Potato, and 2 Goals, 2 Actions and a New Rule pertaining to parties. With the help of our Looney Labs SuperStores, we distributed almost 15,000 of these promo packs! "

Here is an in depth look at the cards:

Have you found any Out of Print cards for sale?  

POST YOUR LINK HERE!  (Especially if you see the Horrifying Sculpture promo I'm after!  ;)

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There's a Cthulhu Fluxx Launch Team coin on ebay for $14.99, Buy It Now.  Probably won't last long!

I am still seeking the (original) Stoner Fluxx promo card of Marlene.

Wow, I still have a few of those on hand that I'm still giving away. I wonder where they're at, if they're selling for 5.99 a pop!

I'm still looking for a flame thrower expansion for Zombie Fluxx, if anyone sees it for sale, please let me know.

IF you're still looking they are available here

Thanks for that Brainy Singh, but I live in the UK and the cheapest posting option they have is coming in at over $88. I'm keen, but not that wealthy :(

Hmmm, well depending on how many you want, I'm sure the promos can be shipped in a small flat rate Priority mail envelop (which is about $26) or even First class mail (about $6 to $10) if you want. 

Thats what I was thinking, but there's no option on the site for this delivery method. I'll drop them a line and see what they suggest.

I'm only after one set for my own Zombi Fluxx, not out to supply the world. ;)

We will look into getting that feature fixed, but I have heard that some international users can't access some of the mailing features.

For only one Zombie Fluxx, I'm sure it can be mailed for around $7, but I'd recommend getting at least an additional unit just in case. let me know what I can do to help you with this.

I'd be more than happy to pay $7 postage, and you're correct, two sets are probably better than one, it never hurts to have a spare.

Are you affiliated with the site?

If you could, please create an account at so I could process the order for you.

I already have, using the email address



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