Is it ok to have a thread for out-of-print cards found for sale?  It seems fair to me that if you're in the market for that one rare card, we can all try and help each other by posting links if you find some available?  Of course it's likely the links won't be good for long, but surely it's better that someone from the Fluxx Forum Family have first crack at it than anyone else, right?

I found, from 2007, the 7-card 10th Anniv Expansion pack on ebay.  As of this post, 4 are left here:

"This seven-card pack was issued to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fluxx in 2007.  It includes the Keeper - The Party - modeled on La Fiesta from Fluxx Español. It also includes a Creeper (a new card-type invented for Zombie Fluxx) called the Radioactive Potato, and 2 Goals, 2 Actions and a New Rule pertaining to parties. With the help of our Looney Labs SuperStores, we distributed almost 15,000 of these promo packs! "

Here is an in depth look at the cards:

Have you found any Out of Print cards for sale?  

POST YOUR LINK HERE!  (Especially if you see the Horrifying Sculpture promo I'm after!  ;)

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Wait, what??

Woah... pricey.

That's insane! I could buy 5 copies of Cthulhu Fluxx for that price!

Oh boy, whoever just spent the money on those just got ripped off big time, considering the horrifying sculpture card is back in the store for a mere $1. Good thing we didn't think about bidding on these cards.

Thanks for noticing and posting that!  I was just in there a few days ago and had not seen that, so they're on order now!  I assume you saw that the Pandora's Box card is in there as well!!  Not the box itself though, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.  

Thanxx for making these promos available again, Looney Labs!

Well I was searching the web the other day and came across these two rarities (unfortunately I'm lacking in the cash department otherwise I would scoop these up). The first is the now-hard-to-find Borders Bonus card (equivalent to the curiosity bonus card currently in the promo card section of the web store but with a nod to Borders book stores. RIP Borders).

The other is almost impossible to find anymore (or rather I have never found it in any other time of searching), the Fluxx and Flowers set.
Yes you are reading the price correctly, $87.39! wow! well if you are really willing to cough up the dough for this badboy, the pleasure shall be all yours. You never know when you'll find this again though, so act fast if you wish to have a rare piece of Fluxx history. 

That's all for now. I'll post another update if I find any other rare gems out there :) enjoy!

I hope the group can help as I think this is best thread to find out about some promo cards.

I was searching through my storage and I found sealed envelopes for the 2001, 2002, and 2004 promo card packs. 

Can anyone tell me what is inside them, so I don't have to open them?


can you be more specific?  I don't know what year things come out, but if you tell us what it looks like, what sort of packaging, what the fFront and back look like, we might be able to tell you what's inside.

They are in card-size manilla envelopes with a white sticker with black letters over the opening.

They all say Looney Labs across the top, but the rest of the labels are different.  They say:

Promo Card Pack 2001 LOO-803

2002 Promo Card Pack LOO-803-02

2004 Promo Cards LOO-803-04

Any info on the cards inside would be much appreciated.

I look forward to finding out what they are.  If they are ones I need and you are looking to get rid of them, let me know.  Maybe we can work something out. ;

This link may help with some of them.




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