I was wondering if the black top and white bottom layers of the 3x4 boards can be bought seperatly. What I would like to do is this. I would need 1 white bottom layer and 2 black top layers. From 1 top layer, I would remove the grid and 1 of the short sides. Then I would glue the 3 layers together with the modified layer in the middle. This would make it possible to slide in boards like they are being used in Twin Win or Launchpad 23. You could use the handy grid of the lasercut board and still having all the individual gameboard info right were it needs to be.

Thanks in advance


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You could use a service like https://www.ponoko.com/ to get acrylic (or wood) custom cut for this.

Thanks for your advise, but unfortunately we don't have such a service where I live. That's why I thought that using existing parts was the way to go.

Maybe I'm confused... but doesn't that service take orders/plans online, find a creator to handle the job(s), and then the creator cuts and ships them? Their FAQ even talks about international shipping (e.g., customs fees). Heck, they might pair you with a creator in Western Europe....

I don't think so -- they have facilities in a number of countries though.  From their FAQ:

We are optimized to ship domestically within the United States of America, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and the UK. We also ship internationally to almost everywhere in the world.

But on something like this I wouldn't be surprised if shipping would be more costly than the item itself if it has to ship internationally.

That said, a google search for "Laser cutting service in Netherlands" will probably turn up a domestic option.

There are lasercutters in the Netherlands, but I'd have to provide them with all the measurements they need being able to create what I want. Why invent what has already been invented ;-)

Looney Labs has all I need, I just need to know if the 2 parts of the board can be bought separately. If yes, I would easily be able to do the rest myself. Ripping an existing board into 2 pieces doesn't work. There's just no place to get any grip between the pieces. I'm sure it'll somehow get damaged when putting too much force into it.

Don't try to rip them apart -- it won't work.

Acrylic is not glued in the traditional sense it is "welded" with a solvent effectively turning the 2 pieces into a single fused item.

Why invent what has already been invented

To not have to wait indefinitely.

To be creative and put your personal style on it.

Because it hasn't been invented (i.e., maybe you can't buy the layers separate; or doing so might be a custom-order situation, with commensurate costs and delays)

...kind of a theme of mine, these days: why wait on a message board when you could take charge of your own happiness?



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