A fairly large number of Pyramid games (RAMbots, Capstone, Push-Pull, Ice Fishing, Liar's Ice, Kumbha, and others, especially ones based on card game mechanics) require opaque screens or shields behind which each player can conceal Pyramids during play. So far, my best solution for this article of equipment has been to cut up four Looney Pyramids tuckboxes: cutting them open along the glued seam, and trimming off the lids and flaps. These are efficient but unglamorous, and I'm wondering if anyone else has developed cooler designs for this purpose. 

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This has been one of the biggest challenges for me when designing games with secret information. When I was playtesting Liar's Ice, our group used plastic cups to make it more like Liar's Dice, but these days I tend to just give everyone an opaque cloth bag to keep their pieces hidden.

Games like RAMbots need an actual screen, but I always just used a half piece of cardboard folded 2 or 3 ways like a gamemaster screen in D&D basically, only shorter so it doesn't get in the way of gameplay. This was years ago, but I seem to remember making a set of 4 out of a cereal box. These worked quite well and didn't require a lot of work, even if they were equally unglamorous.

Cool, interesting challenge.  I should (or someone should, anyway) make some nice design that you can print on cardstock and make screens.  Maybe something like some of the art in the Playing with Pyramids book, with groovy martian landscapes, in assorted colors.  I tend to be busy, but if I have time, I'll see what I can do.

fFailing this, you can probably just use any old cardstock, or even plain paper, fFolded to make it a good size and thickness.

Just so! I'd love to see whatever design you come up with. I may try my hand at it too.

Based on my experience with the unfolded tuckboxes, I think that an 8.5x11" sheet of heavy stock could be divided lengthwise to make two screens. Or a sheet of regular paper could be folded lengthwise. Either way, the resulting 4.25x11" item would then be creased twice across to make it stand.

I wonder if it would be worth it to actually make like a "GM screen" type of device out of these. Have it split lengthwise so that it can be folded in half and then the edges folded in. One side could have pramid artwork and/or the logo for the game being played (if applicable), and the other side could have notes for the game being played, an overview of the actions that you can take on your turn, or scoring values depending on the game.

Could have a generic design as well as specific "screens" for some of the more popular games with hidden information. Should be a pretty simple template to work up, I'd think. Maybe I can throw something together the next time I take a break from the new game I'm working on...

I hadn't thought of the idea of putting some game-specific rules info on the inside of the screen until you mentioned it, even though the the precedent is obvious in RPG referee screens. Good idea! If they were the plain-paper printable kind I'm now picturing, that wouldn't be unreasonably specialized.

I've been thinking of trying these for this purpose:


I've not yet bought any (still fighting sticker shock), and 3" high may not work for some games. However, They'd work for RAMbots and the implementation of the Fate RPG I've been considering.

I've also played RAMbots using the 4 screens from Steve Jackson Games' Revolution (they're even sort of in the 4 original Icehouse colors).

I work at OfficeMax, You can get very similar products there for a lower cost.

I've officially developed a cooler design, at least for Liar's Ice (might as well start with what I know). This is my first serious attempt at vector graphics (did this in Inkscape) and I did it rather quickly, but that's the basic idea I was suggesting. I obviously used the art from the top of this site as my inspiration, with a hand drawn approximation of a pirate ship. It doesn't look very sea worthy, but that's the best it's going to get for now.

I also noticed that for some reason I never finished adding the rules for Liar's Ice to the wiki, so I believe this screen is currently the most complete version of the rules until I can set aside time to update the wiki page.



Wow, that's great! It's certainly much nicer than my quickly slapped-together RAMbots screen (attached).


Look, I made a thing!!  =)

I didn't put any rules on the inside, as yet.  But it's pretty. The intention is to print it to fFill the page, print the PDF at 100%, fFold it in half lengthwise, then fFold it back at the sides.  It should stand up by itself, and provide a nice private area.

There's a PNG as well.  Print it centered, to fFill the page, and fFold accordingly.

I suggest printing on Cardstock, which should stand up nicely.  And if you are really concerned about secrecy, then you should clip the bottom outside corners, so it leans back towards you a little as well.


Nice! I like the slightly wavy trees of pyramids there!

Yeah, the curving pyramids on the trees make me feel ... funny!



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