Hi guys, thought I'd tell you about my current project at catering college.

I'm doing Patisserie (pastry chef) at college and our first project is Pastillage. Pastillage is a kind of icing that sets rock solid and very brittle. It's a bitch to work with, but worth the effort. I'm making launchpad 23 with pyramids in 8pip, roughly 7pip and roughly 6pip. I finished my dice yesterday! For scale, the pyramids on the dice were drawn around actual plastic ones. Pictures coming soon.

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Oh my goodness, this sounds really cool!  =)

some in progress


I dig this.  Well done!

this is awesome!


board and rules now done. I've since done the grey cartoon rocket on the rules, and grey on the launchpads in sharpie. gluing it all together today.

completed work. still waiting on my mark for it. 



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