Picked up a copy of Martian Fluxx at my FLGS today!

Hi All,

I traveled to my FLGS, friendly but not so local-- it is one hour away-- game store today.  To my surprise, I found a copy of Martian Fluxx.  I just had to have it on this trip into town.  This adds to my fluxx collection as follows:

1 copy of Fluxx 4.0

3 copies of Monster Fluxx

1 copy of Martian Fluxx

Not too shabby, huh?  Now I'm on the lookout for CN Fluxx, Regular Show Fluxx, and either Chrononauts or Back to the Future.  I'm thrilled that my Pokemon-loving children are willing to play these games with dear old dad.

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Nice find. I still need family, Martian, Eco, Oz, Standard, and special edition myself to finish off my fluxx collection. I haven't tried Back to the Future since it too is out of print and I haven't seen a copy, but chrononauts was a blast
Also still need to get my hands on a copy of CN Fluxx at some point. But since the local Target finally has the peg out for it, it should be available by the time I have the extra money to spend on a new game.
there is a Back to the Future website that sells products from the movie. They still have some copies as of 3/5/15.

Looney Labs just posted on 3/11/15 some demo copies of Martian Fluxx for purchase.



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